JUNE 22, 2022

Vision Marine achieves third party validations for its revolutionary E-Motion 180E fully electric powertrain system

Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ: VMAR) and The Limestone Boat Company (TSX-V: BOAT) are pleased to announce the completion of Limestone’s highly successful on-water testing (or “sea trial”), which saw Vision Marine’s fully electric and proprietary E-Motion™ 180E electric outboard motor and associated powertrain system exceed all expectations. The powertrain system was integrated onto Limestone’s 21 foot Aquasport 2100CC (“2100CC”) center console powerboat.

The E-Motion™ achieves great success through real world training

These sea trials were the first in which the E-Motion™ powered a boat that endured rigorous, relentless, real world open water testing, and the results were astounding. Limestone stated the E-Motion™ propulsion system “Met the company’s demands and then some. It provides all of the benefits of an EV boating experience, without compromising the performance expectations of an internal combustion engine, while maintaining the ride characteristics for which Limestone’s Aquasport is renowned.”


During the sea trials, the 2100CC center console model achieved a top speed of 38 MPH, planing speeds of 18-22 MPH, an estimated operating time in excess of two hours at an average speed of 22 MPH, and a full dockside recharge in 4-8 hours (time dependent on use of 1 or 2 chargers).


Limestone Boat Company CEO Scott Hanson stated, “Their [Vision Marine’s] E-Motion powertrain offers unprecedented power and torque in an electric outboard, and will establish Limestone as a leader in the rapidly growing electric segment of the recreational boating industry.” Hanson, a boatbuilder and marine industry veteran of over 35 years, offers Vision Marine its first third party validation of the E-Motion™. 

" The value of an idea lies in the using of it "


E-Motion TM Electric Powertrain System

Technology that truly works

This brings tremendous excitement to the Vision Marine team, as it has been diligently bench testing its E-Motion™ technology with McLaren Engineering, under its Manufacture & Supply Agreement inked with parent company Linamar Corp. last year. 


There are many companies that tout revolutionary technology, but when it is put to practical usage, it often either fails to achieve desired results, or flat out does not work. This is clearly not the case with the E-Motion™. The successful E-Motion™ sea trial offers unprecedented third party validation, and strengthens Limestone’s confidence regarding its long term commitment to Vision Marine as its provider of high performance electric outboard motors.

E-Motion TM Electric Powertrain System

The Aquasport 2100CC to disrupt the recreational boating market

The Aquasport 2100CC center console vessel will serve as the market’s first purpose built, fully electric scaled production center console boat in the United States. This will be a momentous occasion for eco conscious recreational boaters who strive to move away from toxic and very expensive TCO gasoline powered boats, and lessen their respective carbon footprints. Center consoles are predominantly used for family outings, fishing and water sports, such as wakeboarding and skiing.


Limestone expects to move forward with the placement of its initial order in 2021 of 25 E-Motion™

180 HP electric outboard powertrains, with plans to meet a targeted delivery early second quarter 2023. As stated by the company, Limestone expects to aggressively expand, and build a significant footprint in the electric boat market. Further testing of the E-Motion™ with other boat models will be conducted as product becomes available. In addition to Aquasport Boats, Limestone also owns Boca Bay Boats and Limestone Boats. This opens the door for an expansive and fruitful relationship between The Limestone Boat Company and Vision Marine Technologies.


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