An E-Motion™ tailored solution for pontoon boats

The P PowerPack is more than just a product; it's the result of an extensive development journey – three years of rigorous work, integration into five pontoon platforms, and over a thousand hours of sea trials in Florida’s salt water. It represents a significant leap in boating technology, offering a comprehensive, easy-to-install electric propulsion solution. Designed for swift integration within a few hours, it's an ideal fit for production lines, even for those new to electrification.

An Electrifying Experience

A Seamless Integration
onto your production line

The PPowerpack stands out as a groundbreaking solution for pontoon manufacturers seeking to expand their product portfolio with minimal risk and maximum ease. Its design, focusing on minimal connection requirements, ensures that installation is not just straightforward, but practically effortless. This turnkey solution significantly reduces the liabilities typically associated with complex installations, offering a safer, more reliable path for large enterprises to venture into new markets. The simplicity and reliability of the PPowerpack not only streamline the manufacturing process but also instill confidence, making it an ideal choice for companies aiming to broaden their horizons with innovative, electric boating solutions.

Its installation is further simplified by connecting to the pontoon’s electrical harness with just three wires.

The E-Motion™ P Powerpack is designed to be lowered easily onto the pontoon floor.

The P Powerpack, with its six robust fixations, can be swiftly and securely anchored to a pontoon’s floor.

A complete turn key powertrain solution

  • Throttle Control
  • Contact Key
  • Electric Breaker
  • Electronicaly Controlled Pump
  • Navionics Navigation Maps
  • Data Transmission Module

  • Smart Battery
  • Water Detection Automatic System
  • Embbeded Chiller
  • Voltage Switch for US/EU Compatibility
  • Emergency Stop Button

A scalable solution for all pontoons

Single 43 kWh

Dual 86 kWh

Triple 129 kWh

An evolution and tailored solution steming from the E-Motion™ 180E Electric Powertrain

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