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About VMAR

At Vision Marine Technologies, we are committed to enhancing recreational boating through advanced electric technology.

Our mission is to design, produce, and make available solutions to consumers and boat manufacturers with efficient electric technologies, resulting in a better experience for the end user and contributing to zero emissions, silence, and a better environment for boaters and the environment for decades to come.

At our core, Vision Marine innovates with its flagship High Voltage Marine Powertrain, the E-Motion™, which includes engineered battery packs tailored for marine applications, an inverter, a high-efficiency electric motor, and a proprietary union assembly that integrates the transmission and motor design, complemented by control software. The first product of the E-Motion™ Line is the 180E Outboard, providing a continuous 180HP at the propeller and therefore offering a real solution for the recreational boating world.

The E-Motion™ is a turnkey complete solution and has already been acclaimed by winning the Boat of the Year 2023 prize in the Bowrider Category from Boating Magazine for its first integration into the Four Winns H2e from Groupe Beneteau.

Additionally, our E-Motion™ power-equipped speed boat catamaran set remarkable consecutive electric speed records of 109 MPH in 2022 and 116 MPH in 2023 at the LOTO Shootout.

Vision Marine also continues to innovate in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly fiberglass and plastic rotomolded electric recreational boats.

Vision Marine also operates electric boat rental centers and promotes the use of boats in its rental operations across America, most notably in Newport Beach and Ventura, in the state of California, and in Palm Beach, Florida.

VMAR Business Facts

  • Nasdaq Listed. Symbol “Vmar”
  • 25 Years In The Boating Industry.
  • Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: Vmar) Is Innovating In The Electric Propulsion Boating Market.
  • Vision Marine Technologies Manufactures 100% Electric Boats Producing Zero Emissions.
  • Vision Marine Technologies Produces Electric Marine Powertrain The E-Motion™ 180e In Outboard Version Providing Continuous 180 Hp.
  • The E-Motion 180e Is The Most Technically Advanced Electric Outboard Motor On The Market Today.
  • E-Motion 180e Is A Turn Key Solution For Boat Manufacturers. It’s E-Motion™ Powertrain Including: High Voltage Marine Battery Packs, Inverter (Charger), Throttle Control And Monitoring And Control Software.
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