SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

Vision Marine Makes History, Hits 109 MPH in Electric Speedboat

Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: VMAR) proudly reports its triumphant and historic performance at the 2022 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, the largest boating event of the year, in which the company sped past 100 MPH, hitting 109 MPH, in a 100% electric boat for the first time in the history of boating, thus smashing the world electric boat speed record.

On August 28, the boating world witnessed 2 times F1 H20 World Champion and leading 2022 season Shaun Torrente pilot the first ever fully electric speedboat, the V32, Vision Marine’s widebody 32′ catamaran.

The boat, designed by Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente’s STR, was equipped with a twin application of Vision Marine’s proprietary E-Motion™ electric outboard motor and powertrain system. 

Alexandre Mongeon, Shaun Torrente, Ian Morgan and Nick Imprescia, Lake of the Ozarks 2022

Torrente stunned an audience of more than 100,000 on-lookers on land and water as the speedboat hit the 104 and 109 MPH marks in their respective runs breaking the world electric boat speed record, previously held by Jaguar with it’s Vector Boat

“This performance not only crushed the previous record but did it on the biggest stage at the Ozarks Shootout in stunning fashion.”

- Alexandre Mongeon

Vision Marine boat speedchart - LAKE OF THE OZARKS SHOOTOUT

2019 31 MPH
2021 49 MPH
2022 109 MPH
2023 ...

Over only three years, Vision Marine has demonstrated remarkable progress and boldly illustrated the potency of electric technology to Ozark Shootout spectators.

In addition to the boating enthusiasts, press outlets, and industry personnel in attendance, the event streamed online globally. Many spectators had thought a feat such as 109 MPH using electric propulsion technology would be impossible, but Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente’s respective tenacity and determination has proved otherwise, solidifying themselves at the forefront of this movement in stunning fashion. 

The Lake of the Ozarks provided the perfect ground for such a feat. Since before the founding of Vision Marine, the company has cherished and respected the Ozarks event as an incredibly important event. “We extend our deepest thanks to the Shootout organizers for creating such a unique event and providing an excellent environment for competition and comradery” We look forward to future Ozark Shootouts and hope the event continues to grow and educate the future generation of boating enthusiasts.

“Breaking a record in such a fashion is unique, but breaking it in one of the largest high performance events in the US, is even more exhilarating. We are making history here!”

- Shaun Torrente

Vision Marine continues to extend its outstanding challenge to any OEM. Vision Marine will race anyone, anywhere, to prove our propulsion technology is by far the most powerful in the world. Furthermore, the company is determined to provide electric outboard technology comparable to or better than any ICE engine on the market.

Vision Marine would like to acknowledge the many hard-working people who passionately and diligently made essential contributions to the realization of this extraordinary endeavor.

Shaun Torrente Racing

The V32 was designed from the ground up by Vision Marine with Shaun Torrente and the STR team. Torrente and STR spent endless hours in their South Florida shop rigging and setting up the boat to optimize its performance. Their expertise and tireless hard work have been integral to this project. Furthermore, we have admired Torrente’s talents for many years, and it was an honor to have him at the helm.

Xavier Montagne

Vision Marine Technologies CTO & COO

Xavier provided the deep technological and architectural knowledge required in order for the V32 to be built and completed. Through a tight production schedule, Xavier successfully directed a brilliant engineering team in charge of electric, electronic and software.

Randall Truesdale

Randy was instrumental in connecting numerous boating industry affiliates to come together and make this project possible. Additionally, he provided logistics and project management for all affiliates on the United States east coast.

Rey Marino - HellKat Powerboats

Vision Marine’s team would like to pay a special homage to the late Rey Marino, founder of Hellkats Powerboats, who passed away during the production of the HellKat Catamaran Hull. 

Octillion Power Systems

Paul Beach CEO of Octillion Power System and his team provided Vision Marine technical support throughout the project and were on site for the record run. Octillion’s two specialized, high density, custom designed lightweight batteries were instrumental in the success of our endeavor.

Weismann Marine

Boat racing industry legend Pat Weismann was a key contributor to the V32’s success. Weismann Marine LLC custom engineered the lower units for the V32, which was incredibly important in accommodating the high torque generated by the E-Motion™ outboard technology.

Alexandre Mongeon

Vision Marine Technologies CEO

The V32 project started with a vision from Alexandre Mongeon. Through determination and hard work, Mr. Mongeon pushed through adversity to make history and put electric powerboating on the map.

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