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‘’E’’ Wave Parade

Boat dealer, boat rental, water taxi, boater… are you part of the electric technology parade or are you still watching it?
Today, many factors are contributing to the “E” Wave that is taking place.
The environment awareness of all generations is on the rise. As a result, cars, boats, homes and businesses owners are buying electric technologies to reduce their foot print and cost of operation. Kids are on board, we have invited some daycares and schools to make an electric boat tour.

Free electric boat rides

We have also offered free rides in public events throughout the past few years and we are planning to continue in 2018 by focusing on Lake and Cottage associations who are banning or restricting the usage of gas boats, speed or noise level.

Electric technology is now a solution

Technologies are making it possible in many ways. Run time is now way up on our boats (6 to 12 hours on one charge) as well as performance in terms of speed (up to 66 km/h). Costs are more reasonable while safety & durability are getting much better. From schools to larger corporations, research and development is on going, as we are coming up with the best possible solutions. Vision Marine Technologies is open to talk with possible collaborators, we can help each other improve.
We are working with some dealers around the world and yet looking to add several as we are getting more and more requests on our website for information from consumers looking for an Electric technology alternative.
In addition, Vision Marine Technologies is presently working on new models that will meet the needs of different segments in the market. It will be configurable in many ways for work and pleasure applications.
You want to be part of the ‘’E’’ Wave Parade with us? We want to hear from you!

For More Information

Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com



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Vision Marine Technologies invites you to enjoy the ideal relaxing boat trips, whether you are alone, with your family or with your friends. We are the pioneer of the electric boats technical and applicative advancement and proud of it.


For More Information

Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com


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