Trends in the Nautical Market: Electric Motors for Boats

The recreational boating industry, with its high performance boats, captivates us even more nowadays with its electrical technology and outboard motors. As a sign of a growing trend, many recreational boaters in North America, Australia and several countries are now looking at emerging technologies as potential replacements for their traditional internal combustion engines. In Europe, the outboard engine market keeps gaining spectacular momentum as its major players are investing in electric technologies.

For over 25 years, Vision Marine Technologies have presented themselves as leading fighters in the battle against problems linked to waterways pollution. Today, their team of devotees are turning the traditional boating industry upside down by introducing electric power technology that is directly contributing to zero pollution, zero emission, and significantly reducing noise pollution. Unlike the combustion engine, the E-Motion 180E is quiet and allows the people on board to enjoy the water calmly.

An Electric Outboard Motor that Is Transforming the Nautical Market!

Faced with the disappointing performance and range of the first electric outboard motors, Vision Marine Technologies is committed to meet the challenge and revolutionize the market, which furthermore benefits green technologies. To accomplish this, they increased their research over the years and developed expertise to meet the demands of boaters and investors. We were convinced, 25 years ago, that electric technology was the future. Today, it is no longer a matter of conviction, but a matter of fact. Through all these years of active research, the people at Vision Marine Technologies are true pioneers and are in the best position to respond to the demands of the nautical market.

Mission accomplished: Today, the publicly traded company offers the E-Motion outboard engine, the first all-electric outboard powertrain that combines an advanced battery pack, inverter and high-output motor with an exclusive assembly between the transmission and the electric motor using extensive control software.

Even more daring, the E-Motion technology used in this 100% electric motor are revolutionizing the recreational boating industry. They are uniquely designed to improve the engine’s power and range on water.

The E-Motion 180 Electric Motor: The Most Powerful on the Market

With the E-Motion 180E electric motor, Vision Marine Technologies are reaching new goals and accelerating changes in the nautical industry. First of all, this engine produces 180 horsepower and 350 Nm torque, making it the most powerful electric outboard motor available on the market.

Furthermore, thanks to its high performance lithium battery, boaters can enjoy an entire day on water and indulge in their activities on their yacht, sailboat, catamaran, pontoon or other types of watercraft. Back at the dock, it will be easy to plug the high-performance battery into a 110-volt outlet or even a 220-volt outlet for quick charge.

Clearly, Vision Marine Technologies are keen to offer products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, whose performance and user-friendliness stand out noticeably apart from gasoline engines.

Boaters, Dealers and Investors: Already many Followers

The boating industry has never been better. Undeniably, the number of boaters is increasing all over the globe, mainly in North America, Australia and Europe. The pandemic will therefore not have slowed the enthusiasm for recreational boats. Far from it, boat dealers recorded their highest sales last year.

The introduction of powerful and efficient 100% electric outboard motors marks the beginning of a new era in the nautical industry by fulfilling a very real need. Pioneer, innovative, environment friendly and powerful, the E-Motion 180 engine is part of this trend and knows how to exceed expectations of many boaters and boat dealers who acquire it and investors who believe in its impact within the market.

Vision Marine Technologies: Handmade Electric Boats

Eco-conscious, Vision Marine Technologies continue to handcraft their high-performance, environmentally friendly electric motor boats. The technologies built into the boats from this original equipment manufacturer (OEM) improve considerably the overall performance, speed and range. Furthermore, these boats also offer a smoother ride than those with traditional internal combustion engine.

Come and discover the E-Motion 180 electric outboard motor now. Contact the electrical technology experts at Vision Marine Technologies without further delay and invest in the future.

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Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as The Canadian Electric Boat Company, is the only electric boat manufacturer to use lithium and also the only electric boat company to offer long duration warranty and high technology products.

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