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Lachine Rowing And Vision Marine Technologies Team Up To Promote Green Boating

The Lachine Rowing Club and Vision Marine Technologies will collaborate to promote ecological nautical activities during the 10th Lachine Canal Challenge, which will take place on May 27, 2018. During this rowing regatta, Vision Marine Technologies will supply two Volt 180 electric boats to ensure the safety of the rowers on the Lachine Canal, thus reducing the use of gasoline powered boats.

The members of the Lachine Rowing Club have an interest in having clean water and all initiatives to reduce pollution are welcome. In addition, gasoline engines are very noisy. Quiet electric motors will be an improvement for rowers. Referees will be able to communicate more easily with them in case of emergency. “This initiative reinforces the message that rowing is a forward-looking, high-tech, healthy sport for both the rower and the environment. In addition, it confirms our regatta as a decidedly green event,” concluded Charles Hauss, president of the Lachine Rowing Club.

Vision Marine Technologies, a company from Boisbriand that exports its boats mainly to the United States, will have the opportunity to show the endurance of its new line of electric boats. They will have to operate from 8 am to 2 pm and make several trips back and forth on the Lachine Canal between the 5th and 4th locks. “We show our boats in trade shows and at the dock, but this time, the public will be able to see them in action,” commented Alexandre Mongeon, president of the company. The entire population will be invited to visit the Vision Marine Technologies stand located on the Chemin du Musée during the regatta to learn more about these boats at the cutting edge of technology and ecology.

A healthy mind in a healthy body and a healthy body in a healthy environment!

About Lachine Rowing Club

Founded in 1863, Lachine Rowing Club is the oldest rowing club in Quebec and Canada. The club promotes rowing, a water sport that can be practiced in Montreal. Rowing is a wholesome sport that requires 80% of the muscle mass and is an excellent cardio-respiratory exercise. For more information, visit www.avironlachine.ca.

About Vision Marine Technologies

Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as CEBC, is a pioneer in the technological advancement of electric boats and aims to play a key role in the electrification of transportation around the world. Engineering and R&D teams work tirelessly to innovate in the field of green energy. Vision Marine Technologies boats are silent and produce no greenhouse gas or oil emissions. As a result, they pay as much respect to the environment as to the people nearby who also benefit from the water. In addition, the performance and autonomy of Vision Marine Technologies electric boats now exceed the capacities of gasoline boats.

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Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com



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Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com


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