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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

An electric boating experience at its best

Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as The Canadian Electric Boat Company, offers the perfect solution for relaxing boat trips, whether alone, with family or with friends. We are the pioneer of the electric boats technical and applicative advancement and proud of it.

On a day under a dazzling sun, on a calm lake, imagine yourself aboard your classic-looking electric boat relaxing and enjoying the scenery surrounding you while experiencing all the benefits of this deep feeling of tranquility. This is exactly the effect our boats provide boaters. Feel a sense of serenity win you and quickly you will undoubtedly notice the peace that surrounds you.


What differentiates our electric boat company from other manufacturers is the fact that our electric boats are entirely handcrafted with high quality materials such as teak and mahogany wood, producing boats with a prestigious quality of finish. The materials chosen to build our boats consolidate our position at the top of the market for high end boats and for this reason, our boats have a high resale value. Thanks to our attention to detail and our selection of high quality materials, these boats are simply pure art.

100% eco-friendly boats

Being 100% electric boats, they do not produce any CO2 emissions, which has a significant impact on preserving a completely clean and natural environment. To achieve this goal, they are powered by a lithium battery that can provide up to 8 hours of boating with a single charge. The costs of use are therefore very low compared to a motorboat. Moreover, since they do not use gasoline, maintenance on electric boats is relatively simple. And as they are completely silent, you will enjoy a moment of peace and quiet every time you go out for a ride. No other electric boat company offers you such refinement and technology. They are perfect for fishing on a lake considered non-navigable with a traditional motorboat, or even to practice water sports or simply to enjoy a good time on the calm water with friends or family.


Vision Marine Technologies will be more than happy to restore your boat. We actually consider that bringing back to life your boat’s original brilliance and glory is our duty.


Tired of paying for gas? Get an appraisal for your current boat. Our team will make you an offer to get you in your electric boat sooner!

For parts or technical support :
1 866 479-1099
or locally: 450-951-7009


Vision Marine Technologies is Proud to Offer Restoration Service to Current Owners. If your boat need a facelift, we can surely help you. Call us today for an appraisal. Contact : Patrick Bobby
1-866-479-1099 or 450-951-7009

Electric motors are environmentally friendly. They emit no pollutants or greenhouse gases and are silent. Their use costs almost nothing. Electric boats require little maintenance and the cost of electricity is considerably lower than the cost of fossil fuels. Unlike its thermal cousin, the electric motor has very few moving parts. It is therefore subject to far fewer operating constraints and has a longer service life.
On high-speed electric boat models like the Bruce from Vision Marine Technologies, it is perfectly possible to practice all your favorite sports at the back of the boat, such as water skiing. Remember to consult the nautical regulations in order to practice your favorite leisure activities in complete safety.
If you are on 110 volts of household electricity, it will take about 12 hours to charge your battery if it is completely discharged. If you sail for a few hours, the battery will not be completely empty, and therefore will take less time to recharge. The procedure is very simple and easy to follow.
No special plugs are required. You can recharge your battery by simply plugging the power cord into a 110 or 220-volt household outlet. The charging system is “intelligent”, it will stop when the batteries are fully charged, so you won’t waste any energy.
With Vision Marine Technologies battery pack, you should be able to navigate for at least 8-10 hours on a full 5 MPH charge. However, it is very important to understand that the autonomy of a boat depends on several parameters: your speed, the weight on board and the number of passengers on board. In addition, for the comfort of hassle-free navigation, our boats are equipped with a battery level control system. (Monitoring with ammeter – voltmeter)
When used correctly, the battery has an average life of 5 to 7 years (see Vision Marine Technologies User’s Guide). Some owners report having batteries that lasted 10 years.
Vision Marine Technologies’ engine systems and all navigation components are designed to withstand salt water from oceans and seas, and fresh water from lakes, rivers and canals. The design of these boats is entirely designed to offer you the same possibilities as a gas-powered boat and even more.
To know the exact weight, simply refer to the technical data sheets of each boat presented on the Vision Marine Technologies website, but be aware that they are all easily transportable with a simple launching trailer.
Vision Marine Technologies is the reference in electric boats, and has different models with a wide variety of options and compositions! Whether it is the hull, deck, belt, interior details, awning, or many other features, the choices you make will make your boat a unique electric boat.
Our products are made in Quebec, but the company delivers all over the world. No matter where you are in the world, whether in America, Europe, Australia or any other country, we will deliver your custom electric boat.

Vision Marine Technologies’ electric boats have 3 certifications:

CGC Certified (Canadian Coast Guard or Canadian Coast Guard CCG)
USCG (United States Coast Guard) certified
CE Certified: CE certification attests to their compliance with European safety requirements.

Choosing a boat with such certifications is a wise decision. These certifications significantly increase the safety of boaters on board. They are recognized and strongly encouraged by coastal authorities. With them, you can relax and take to the open sea without any worries.

Prestigious Finish Zero emission Noiseless Low maintenance 100% Electric Handcrafted Custom finish Up to 8 hours of battery operating range High resale value


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