Vision Marine Technologies Wins the 2018 Future of the Industry Award

The 2018 Marine Industry Gala was held last Saturday, April 7th at Bonsecours Market in the Old Port of Montreal. During this event, the AMQ honores the most deserving companies and organizations in the Quebec boating industry.
An independent jury mandated by the AMQ’s Board of Directors nominated the winners.
The AMQ introduced a brand new category named “Future of the industry”. This category highlights the excellence of a company, an organization or a person who stood out during the year for its involvement and commitment in the boating industry in Quebec.

THe Canadian Electric Boat Company wins big at this event

The AMQ awarded the Canadian Electric Boat Company with the prestigious “Future of the industry” award.
Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as The CANADIAN ELECTRIC BOAT COMPANY (CEBC),  has earned this important distinction for contributing to the development of boating and the relevance of its vision to the marine industry.
The AMQ brings together 250 companies in the Quebec nautical industry.

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