That’s a Wrap on Vision Marine Technologies’ Summer Awareness Campaign

Electric transportation awareness is part of Vision Marine Technologies‘ mission. This passed summer, we participated to several events. Demonstrations on different lakes were very well received by waterfront residents. On October 14th, 2017, Vision Marine Technologies took part in the “Évènement Branché” in Plessisville, Quebec. Several electric and hybrid vehicles were on site for testing. Despite the gray weather, a lot of visitors came to see the Fantail 217.
Some of the visitors were well aware of the existence of our electric boats, but the majority did not know they existed. They were pleasantly surprised to see how advanced electric style and technology were. The affordable price and the fuel and maintenance savings were the hot topics of the day.

Trial at Lac des piles, QC, 2017.

Furthermore, residents of nearby lakes have appreciated and will spread the good news to their neighbors. Everyone understands the importance of preserving nature by reducing pollution and noise around their lakes.
Now, if you would like to set up an event to educate waterfront residents in your area, we are ready to make a free day trial for you.

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