Lithium Batteries Vs Acid Batteries For Electric Boats

Lithium and Electric Boats, a Sure Performance!
Lithium batteries have numerous advantages and are becoming quite in demand on the market of recreational products and boats. The wave of the future, Vision Marine Technologies on the North Shore of Montreal, presently offers you to choose between acid batteries or lithium batteries at the purchase of a new electric boat.
Lithium Battery and Acid Battery
For a long time, acid batteries have played a role in our everyday lives. Nowadays, they compare negatively in front of lithium batteries for many reasons.
First of all, lithium batteries are three times lighter than acid batteries for the same amount of energy. They are now very popular in all mobile systems, including electric boats, which are taking over our lakes and rivers. As opposed to boats who use acid batteries, electrical boats equipped with lithium batteries are more economical, less polluting and clearly better for the environment.
Moreover, lithium batteries have a superior efficiency as opposed to acid batteries. While they have an efficiency of about 80%, lithium batteries have an efficiency of 98%**. Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery’s capacity is clearly superior to the acid battery’s one. Therefore, two batteries with the same 12V capacities of 100Ah won’t enable the same extraction: about 1000Wh of the lithium battery for only 500Wh for the acid one.
Speaking about power, it has been demonstrated that the lithium battery accepts charges much more important than an acid battery. The same applies for its lifespan. The lithium battery has a life cycle 4 times longer than the acid one for an identical usage.
Even more amazing, the lithium battery is the wave of the future in our lakes and rivers. Electric boats at Vision Marine Technologies in Boisbriand equipped with lithium-ion batteries clearly contribute in improving the quality of the waters and the environment. While acid batteries from other leisure boats stock acid in the hold of the ship to later reject it in the water, lithium batteries have a much less negative impact on nature than acid. Thus, the alkaline which composes the lithium is much less reactive to the organism living in the water than acid.
In short, Vision Marine Technologies imposes itself in this futuristic wave by building electric boats that surpass the current environmental norms.
Come visit us today on the North Shore of Montreal, Quebec. See you soon!

*Source : A Study of Lead Acid Battery Efficiency Near Top Of Charge and The Impact on PV Systems Design

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