La Route de Champlain

La Route de Champlain, the place to visit this summer
Health, ecology and Quebec culture

In order to promote and preserve the history of the Prairies River discovered by Samuel de Champlain, La Route de Champlain has recently purchased two electric boats made by Vision Marine Technologies.
100 % electric, entirely quiet and creating no pollutant emissions, electric boats are the future for the conservation of Quebec water bodies .
Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as Canadian Electric Boat Company, was present, on June 18th, at the official opening of the project. The owners, Robert Ghetti, Alexandre Mongeon and Patrick Bobby and several dignitaries of the municipal, provincial and federal government were present on site for the launch of the association.

What is La Route de Champlain?

La Route de Champlain is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote and preserve the Prairies River and its banks in Montreal North sector by allowing people to fully enjoy the outdoor activities in the area while connecting them with the cultural history of the district.
The goals are simple: improve the sector’s image by attracting people to discover the site and its natural beauty as well as convey its history for generations to come.
Guided tours will be offered throughout the summer, 7 days a week, from 9am to 8pm, to all area residents, to local day camps and to the many curious tourists and will allow them to discover an important part of Quebec ‘s history.
Your membership will be obtainable for $20 and entitles you to a free hour of exploration and brings your visits cost to a rate of $10 per hour.
In addition, as of June 28, the youth of Montreal North day camp will have access to the site’s boats every Tuesday and Thursday for 7 weeks. Activities that will make many people happy and enable the youth to discover and learn while having fun.
Starting July 1st, La Route de Champlain will acquire the main building of Park Aimé-Léonard where they will install a ticket booth and a museum space of historic theme.

What does Vision Marine Technologies bring to the organization

As a leader in the electric boat industry, Vision Marine Technologies bears the aquatic life’s health at heart. Therefore, the company is proud to introduce a green solution allowing everyone to continue to enjoy the lakes and rivers of Quebec while preserving wildlife and aquatic flora.
Vision Marine Technologies’ crafts are 100 % electric, creates no pollution and makes no noise. Moreover, manufacturing and assembly are done by hand to ensure superior quality and prestige of finish, while requiring little maintenance.
All built to provide a peaceful ride in a classic fashion, you can even customize multiple options, colors and add-ons so your boat is exactly as you wish.
Vision Marine Technologies‘ mission and the one of La Route de Champlain are very similar: offer an environmentally friendly solution for nautical activities. This is also the reason why the company decided to join the party and begin this adventure. Come and try  boats, you’ll immediately fall in love with this new way of navigation.

Vision Marine Technologies is proud to take part in such an initiative for the environment and for the community.

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