Kids Are Already on Board

Vision Marine Technologies is proud to promote an eco-friendly behavior to future generations. In order to raise green energy awareness among young people, we organized a discovery day with La Route de Champlain. This non-profit organization operates a rental business with our electric boats in Montreal North. The children took advantage of a pleasant boat ride on the Rivière des Prairies while learning about the advantages of eco-friendly ways to navigate and the negative effects of fossil fuels on our lakes and rivers. For many of them, it was their first boat experience; which took place without noise, smoke and hydrocarbon. Learn more about La Route de ChamplainEco-friendly boat ride with children on Montreal’s Rivière des Prairies to help raise green energy awareness.

The green energy awareness campaign

This activity is part of the green energy awareness campaign that is at the heart of the concerns of Vision Marine Technologies. It seems like many do not even know the existence of electric boats. Very few know that high performance electric boats are now a reality. Above all, it is our duty to show people that there are now eco-friendly alternatives to navigate, to encourage more businesses to use those technologies and to spread awareness to the youth of our next generation.

You can help raise green energy awareness

A brighter future starts with awareness. Awareness of the effects of extracting, transporting and using fossil fuels on our lakes and rivers. Due to those effects, Vision Marine Technologies wants to encourage other similar initiatives around the world aiming to educate children and teenagers about energy efficiency and eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. Certainly, passing down knowledge is part of this electrical revolution and is a good start towards making the Earth as safer place to be!
As you can see, awareness starts at a very young age at Vision Marine Technologies.
Join us and help us promote this new reality!

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