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Sailors remember Ian Bruce as the “Father of the Laser.” Mr. Bruce was born in Jamaica, but he studied in Canada and the U.S. as an industrial designer. Before his death in March 2016 at the age of 82, he had invested heavily in the design and manufacture of the Bruce 22. This luxurious and classic runabout is now the fastest electric boat in America.

Resin Infusion Technology

Mr. Bruce surely recognize the multiple advantages of infusion technology: durability, strength to weight ratio and finish among others. Resin infusion allows us to maximize strength with less resin, which translates to reduced weight and better operating efficiency. Indeed, by using vacuum to eliminate air from lamination processes we are able to build stronger and lighter composite parts. This is exactly why the Bruce 22 can reach a top speed of 65.9 km/h (41 mph).  Furthermore, as a closed-mold process, resin infusion eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Protect the environment is at the heart of Vision Marine Technologies’ concerns.
Now, the hull construction of the Bruce 22 starts with an outer gelcoat skin, followed by an osmosis-protective barrier coat and a 1-oz vinyl ester skin coat. After this is fully cured off, a dry laminate is placed in the boat. This entire laminate is then vacuum-bagged in place and thoroughly and evenly resin-infused in a process that completely saturates the laminate. A full-length, hollow fiberglass stringer grid system is then bonded into the hull for strength and rigidity. The inside of the hull is covered with elegant diamond-stitched material.

Fiberglass Boats

All of Vision Marine Technologies electric boats are made in fiberglass. The Quietude 156 and the Fantail 217, are respectively balsa-cored and solid glass fiberglass. The hull construction starts with an outer gelcoat skin, followed by an osmosis-protective barrier coat and a vinyl ester skin coat. When all these layers are cured off, a dry laminate is placed in the boat. The Quietude 156 has an inner decorative cane webbing, and the inside of the Fantail 217  is covered with high end diamond-stitched material.
We use gelcoat because it lasts longer than marine paint and it already has UV protection. Gelcoat will typically last up to two decades without the need for major repair work.
Finally, Vision Marine Technologies uses the latest technology in composite materials. Electric boats are now a reality. The E Wave is now and you are invited you to get on board with us!

For More Information

Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com



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For More Information

Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com


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