Performant, Affordable and Eco-Friendly Electric Boats

Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as The Canadian Electric Boat Company, was founded in 1995, by a group of Canadian engineers and naval architects who wanted to prove that an electric boat could be more performant than a fuel boat. Following several years of research and development, Vision Marine Technologies’ engineers finally reached their technological goal.

Affordable Boats

In November 2014, during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the company officially launched the commercialization of its first two electric boat models: the Fantail 217 and the Quiétude 156.
The third model of the family, the high speed electric boat Bruce 22, was presented in May 2016 at the Newport International Boat Show.
Entirely handmade, all three models offer flawless finish and spectacular performance. The distribution offices in Canada, USA and England are very pleased to offer these three high end models at an affordable price.

High Performance Boats

The investments and the perseverance of the engineering team allowed them to develop a unique ultra-performant electric system. Our boat models are equipped with a fully electric motor. They consume no fuel and emit no CO2.
Using a 100% electric motor allows you to reach the torque instantaneously. Reaching this immediate power is very helpful and pleasant when practicing water sports such as water ski.
The performance and the construction quality of Vision Marine Technologies’ electric boats are impressive and make them unique products on the market.
For example, the Bruce 22 has a Piktronik high performance power unit allowing up to 40 mph on the water. The Bruce 22 can withstand the simultaneous release of two water skiers at the same time.
The energy Lithium-Ion cells’ technology used in the Bruce 22 allows it to offer a range comparable to a fuel boat.
No other electric vessel manufacture offers such performance.

Eco-Friendly Boats with the Lowest Maintenance and Operation Costs

Our electric boats will allow you to enjoy all the nautical pleasures with a minimal cost.
You can easily enjoy a full day of navigation with a single charge without having to pay for fuel.
Our expertise in naval engineering has allowed us to develop a wide range of boats offering high driving stability and an exemplary global security.
In addition to offering high autonomy and unmatched performance, the electric motor technology used in all of our boats consumes no oil and emits no CO2 or hydrocarbon.
Moreover, as they represent only a few moving parts, the electric motors have a much longer lifetime than the heat engines.
Our boats offer maximum reliability and the lowest maintenance and operating costs.

Fully Certified Boats to Navigate All Types of Water

Many lakes and streams prohibit motor boats to preserve the environment from the pollution they cause.
As our three boat models consume no fuel and emit no CO2, you will be available to navigate everywhere while respecting the environmental rules.
In addition, all of our engine’ s components and our navigation systems are designed to resist salt water. So no matter the body of water you choose, canal, lake, river, fresh or salt water, our vessels will transport you there.
Finally, our vessels are fully compliant and certified: USCG (United States Coast Guard), CCG (Canadian Coast Guard) and CE (European Conformity). All of these certifications can significantly increase the boaters’ safety on board. This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new boat.

A Committed Company to Sustainable and Efficient Development

We are proud of our commitment and performance. Our goal is simple, to offer you the most technologically efficient, comfortable and impeccable quality electric marine craft.
Everyday, our efforts are directed to preserve our environment while allowing us to fully enjoy it.

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