The Convenience of Electric Boats

We just participated to the Afloat Boat Show at the Old Port of Montreal. Many came to visit our Electric Boat and were surprised that an electric boat was commercialised with all the certifications needed to be used anywhere in the world.

Mess, Cost and Hassle – 1 to 15 ratio

Visitors explained that they were getting tired of handling gas tanks with all the hassle that it entails. From getting the gas from the gas station to their car, drive to their boat to finally fill their boats’ tanks. Without mentioning the price of the gas that is somewhat of an irritant. The electric boat costs only pennies when you charge it. All you need is an electrical extension cord to connect to 110V or 220V!

Price vs. Cost.. Major Savings with Bonuses

Many came to us asking how much the boat costs. The answer was; what do you want to know, the cost or the price of the boat? We all want to compare the price to see if we are getting a good deal and trying to compare with a gas boat that would be an equivalent. When the discussion went to the cost, many were very surprised of the major saving they would do overall. Our price is very competitive and the cost is way less (see examples below) with several bonusses…you are running a boat that is creating no pollution…no noise, no CO2, spills of gas or oil in the water, relaxing time, quality of the product and no hassle with the gas tanks!

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