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The Bruce 22 T

Following our experience in Newport Beach, California, where water crafts must respect the no wake speed of 6mph, we have created the Bruce 22 T. This classic Gentleman’s runabout with little to no maintenance is perfect for bodies of water with speed restrictions. As demand is changing, many boat rental companies have expressed high interest in a different type of electric boat, something reminiscent of the past but outfitted with modern technology. The Bruce 22 T is filling that niche in the most elegant fashion.

The propulsion

In partnership with our German counterpart, we use the Torqueedo 4.0 saltwater series, coupled with a 48 V battery bank. The new Bruce 22 T can cruise all day, up to 10 hours at a maximum speed of 11 km / h (7 mph). All Torqeedo engines have a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Starting at $59 995 CDN

The design

We use fiberglass infusion to build the the hull of the Bruce 22 T. With this ultra-modern technology, we achieve strength and light weight. Instead of laying fiberglass sporadically without control of material, the composites are precisely injected, thicker where needed, for strength and rigidity. With such an achievement, we are proud to service the industry with a 5-year hull warranty. Furthermore, the interior configuration has been revamped from the prior versions of the Bruce in order to accommodate more crew. The windshield has been redesigned with more compelling lines. The inserts on the deck are made of Permateek, a synthetic anti-slip and maintenance free material. Classic mahogany inserts are optional.
We are looking forward to hear your opinion on this new version of the Bruce 22. You asked for it, we listened!

For More Information

Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com



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For More Information

Dario Gomez dr@v-mti.com


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